How do birth chart readings work?

Reading your horoscope and birth chart is one of the best ways to discover the insight which is offered to us through the stars. Horoscopes can help us to illuminate daily experiences as well as helping us to recognise how the movement of the planets, such as Mercury’s retrograde, can help us to make more meaningful decisions and changes in our lives. This process of locating and interpreting the locations and movements of the planets coupled with recognising the significance of your star sign are all fundamental elements to being able to understand and read your own birth chart. Your birth chart will reveal the locations of the planets in the sky as they were at the time of your birth. Astrologers can provide an analysis of this chart, which is also referred to as a natal chart, and this can help to provide a deep insight into your personality traits, motivations in life as well as your desires. The act of star gazing and reading birth charts has been around for as long as mankind has. This ancient practice has been used in different ways over thousands of years to help gain a better understanding of the patterns of life. Though astrology is a complex and ancient practice which has become a specialised subject over a period of thousands of years, the core principles of reading and understanding your birth chart remain straightforward. Your birth chart reflects the snapshot of the sky and the formation of the planets at the time of your birth as well as the constellation which they occupied. In some birth charts, all of the planets feature in the same constellation, however in others they are more widely spread across the sky. Each different layout has different meanings, depending on how far the planets are spread out from each other. If you are interested in learning more about your birth chart and how you can gain a deeper insight and understanding of your astrological significance, then get in touch with one of our astrologers at Cosmic Harmonie who will be able to provide a reading for you as well as guide you through it.

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