Monthly Virgo Horoscope

The combined influence of both Jupiter and Saturn this month may bring around some noteworthy changes for Virgos. The location of the planets and their influence may enhance a sense of enthusiasm towards career prospects, or perhaps towards a new project which you have been working towards. This positivity could mean good news for business entrepreneurs, with the opportunity of some high-level deals on the horizon. For those who have been working on a serious project, this could be a time for you to fully dedicate yourself and shed any of the distractions which may have been deterring you from your work over the past month. During this period, efficient planning and effective decision making will be crucial to success, and you may find that you have some hard decisions to make which will require you to be entirely rational. The position of Mars and Venus may ignite a spark in your love life towards the end of the month. However, it will be important to remain flexible if new opportunities arise as well as remaining cautious to not stretch or escalate any small issues. Astrologers predict that there could be some health issues for some Virgos towards the end of the month and it is advisable to remain vigilant of any old or lingering health issues this month as they could pose more of a problem in the future if not taken care of now.

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