The new moon in Libra and what this means for your relationships

This month’s new moon is rising in Libra which makes it the perfect opportunity for a re-set of your relationships. Every new moon has a theme which centres around the area of life which we should be focusing on the most according to our astrologers. This particular luminary pattern is all about relationships. This could be all kinds of relationships and connections in your life including romantic, professional, money, society and most importantly the relationship that you have with yourself. According to astrologers this new moon is all about focusing in finding balance and equity in all relationships in life. During this period it is very important to be completely open about your own wants and needs. This does not mean just in your romantic relationships, but in all relationships that you have in life as well as the relationship that you have with yourself. The most important way to stay on top of all of these relationships is to maintain straightforward communication at all times which should be a priority for everyone during this period. It is important to focus your energy towards productive activities during this new moon. Those who fail to do this may find that they end up struggling with the more negative connotations which this new moon can manifest.

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